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Change and Adaptation is Inherent to People and the Planet

Liz Pavlovich is part of Touch Foundation (New York City, Tanzania), an initiative that combines the best of private and public sector approaches and expertise to improve the health of Tanzanians by strengthening the health system. Touch expands its impact by sharing acquired knowledge with the local and international public health community.

What is the blessing that most inspires your gratitude this year and in what does it teach you about your ability to co-create a more awakened society?

When I spend time in nature, I recognize the inherent and continuous change in our natural surroundings. Humans too are capable of this adaptation and resilience and, by submersing oneself in nature, may be better able to realize that what is experienced as a difficult and painful process of change is actually contiguous with our place in the global interconnected system. We have the opportunity to imagine and co-create a system that is gentle with each other and the planet once we internalize these seemingly contradictory concepts.

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