"Bolder Together"

The Association for Global New Thought is launching a new paradigm for community building

by which local Unity churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, and Independent New Thought groups

come together around the needs and issues of their own community.

This unified “omni-local” model will strengthen our spiritual family and, in the process,

bring new opportunity and visibility to the unique work of each of our organizations.

Who knows what YOU might be able do for YOUR city by inviting local colleagues to explore

the amazing Good we can co-create together as a broader New Thought family

To thrive and stay connected in our shared endeavors we strongly encourage and hope you will want to become an organizational member of AGNT.
Membership is recommended but not required in order to begin participation in this program.

Toolkit for Organizing

YOUR Local New Thought Community

Omni-local Model - CHART

As a handout or screen projection, this CHART gives a visual representation of the omni-local model we are hoping to build together.


This short introduction describes the history of AGNT's efforts to bring together leaders of the New Thought organizations, evolving collaboratively toward a mission of engaged spirituality. May be used as background and handout.


This document can be shared in preparation, as a handout, or as background to describe the spiritual and social beliefs and positions to which AGNT is committed.

Organizer's Guide

Here is a STEP-by-STEP guide to initiating a local group gathering, with tips for how to use these templates and resources that will ensure a smooth path to inviting and convening your local New Thought colleagues .


After your group arrives and has a little time for meet-and-greet, this strong and straightforward 90 minutes agenda will take you through the stages of introduction, purpose, background, dialogue and decision-making.


These templates provide suggested text to INVITE and RESPOND to your local New Thought colleagues. While they give all the information and explain the gathering's purpose in simple order, the document is provided as a Word.doc for easy cut-and-paste customization of the language and details.

AGNT Image Graphic (square)

This will serve as a meme or image graphic for your FaceBook pages, presentations and other media for which you wish to include graphics. Once your group is established, we will supply additional art that includes your city and its participating New Thought centers.

AGNT Banner Graphic

This will serve as banner artwork for your documents, emails, website, and whatever purposes for which you wish to include graphics. Once your group is established, we will supply additional art that includes your city and its participating New Thought centers.

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New Thought is a spiritually motivated way of life that embraces the ancient wisdom traditions of east and west. We embody the belief that consciousness is elementally creative, reciprocates thought, and allows us to co-create with the Divine to shape the reality of our lives.  AGNT is committed to global healing achieved through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.


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