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We are co-creating a world in which peace and fairness are cherished as inseparable and vital dimensions of the existence of every individual and of the whole human community. We actively support a new narrative of nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice.

  • Nonviolence means to honor the inherent worth of every human being. Through Nonviolence we naturally seek to understand each other, build friendship and community. 


  • Nonviolence means believing that our lives are linked together. What we do impacts the lives of everyone we encounter. We are responsible to and for one another. We can trust one another and work toward the common good.


  • Nonviolence means dedicating ourselves to the fundamental rights of every human being -- Justice, Respect, Equality.


  • Nonviolence is courageously choosing to practice compassion with our adversaries. WE OPPOSE INJUSTICE, NOT PEOPLE.


  • Nonviolence means recognizing love as the power of the human spirit to triumph over injustice, marginalization, and suffering. It is a true hero’s journey of personal and social change.

We have a responsibility to improve the quality of life of all beings and our planet. We affirm that climate change is real and that human activity is a significant cause. We further acknowledge that climate change is an issue resulting in both environmental degradation and social injustice. We commit to serve and take steps to heal the planet.


  • Promoting active stewardship of the environment and an awareness of our oneness with the earth.


  • Cultivating a consciousness support and balance the environment and our human needs.


  • Promoting sustainable living practices that honor the earth's ecosystems and resources in a responsible manner.


  • Transforming attitudes and commitments by embracing concrete actions that reduce human ecological impact and promote social justice for all.


  • Educating, supporting and encouraging individuals to align their (individual) lifestyle choices with values that promote environmental sustainability and recognition of their moral imperative to care for creation.



We envision a world in which the cultural and religious barriers that once divided humankind have been overcome, and call on the world’s religious and spiritual communities and all concerned groups and individuals…


  • To work to broaden and deepen understanding, respect, and cooperation among the world’s religious and spiritual communities.

  • To engage the openness and energetic wisdom of the next generation in initiatives fostering interreligious dialogue and engagement.

  • To strive to move beyond religious exclusivism and to nurture the developing spirit of inclusivism and pluralism in our communities and our world.

  • To support efforts to identify and overcome our own rigid and unquestioned certainties and to create in their place new models for dialogue, exchange and creative inquiry.

  • To celebrate the new story of religious and spiritual harmony as part of the emerging evolution of planetary culture.


We  know that our societies can be transformed through compassion, humane service, and a sense of fairness rooted in our spiritual foundations and practice. Gandhi said... "Before we take our next step let us ask ourselves the question: How will this affect the weakest and poorest among us?" We will inform and educate ourselves, and model to others our commitment.


  • Women and girls at–risk in any nation or culture have the right to protection from physical and emotional violence. Through education and access to equitable opportunities, the Divine Feminine will achieve balance with masculine leadership characteristics, improving  quality of life and contributing to the systemic shift of our institutions.

  • Economic justice for all can be achieved and sustained by evaluating the abuse of financial power, and re-envisioning the distribution of services and resources among populations suppressed by poverty and lack of representation.

  • We tirelessly seek to replace mindless cruelty with humane practices that reduce suffering among all sentient beings imprisoned in circumstances born of greed and exploitation. Our aim is to eliminate inhumane practices wherever they are encountered.

  • Disrespect, violence, and all actions motivated by hatred toward another because of race, culture, gender identity, sexual orientation, or belief system are universally denounced. We will stand up and express solidarity in the face of persecution.

  • We will care, share, and dare to find solutions to the challenges of homelessness, food insecurity, refugeeism, health services, and emotional distress that are present in our local community.


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