March 14, 2020

In New Thought we know that "thought creates." Therefore we cannot deny that we've felt chaos heading steadily towards us for a good long time. The old-school admonishment: "Stop your crying or I'll give you something to cry about," is an uncomfortably apt metaphor. Individuals and societies, across pl...

March 4, 2020

“Scared? Pray.
Over thinking? Pray.
Losing hope? Pray.
Worried? Pray.
Struggling? Pray.
Pray and trust in Allah!” 

~ Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips, Founder: Islamic Online University

We are confronting any number of challenging opportunities to express our spiritual poise these days, aren’t we? In Ne...

January 15, 2020

“Transformational evolutionary times make

the status quo shake and fracture.

Those wedded to the status quo shout the loudest.

It can be jarring, but it's not surprising.” 

~ Jim Lockard

“If one were to crystallize twentieth-century psychology into a single problem, it would be the problem of fear in the...

November 18, 2019

The normalcy currently experienced in the day to day lives of a small percentage of the world's population is an illusion & it is stolen. The least that can be done is to use this time to nourish the fabric of community, find the cultural blind spots & acknowledge the damage done.” 

~ Nora Bateson...

August 26, 2019

We in New Thought have a timely opportunity to act regarding one of the most significant issues of our time. Beginning in September, the third module of AGNT’s Spiritually-guided Social Uplift Ministries (SUM) will focus on Healing Racism & Upholding Ethnic Fairness. This topic is very much in the fore...

July 20, 2019

"Healing depends on listening with the inner ear – stopping the incessant blather and listening. Fear keeps us chattering – fear that wells up from the past, fear of blurting out what we really fear, fear of future repercussions.

It is our very fear of the future that distorts the now that could lead t...

May 31, 2019

“I’m worried about everything.” 

~ Michael Ian Black @michaelianblack on Twitter 

It is easy to become overwhelmed these days. The increasing complexities of everyday life are being compounded by a litany of social ills, chaotic and corrupt politics, and the breakdown of trust in our institutions. Terro...

May 6, 2019

"Diversity ... is not polite accommodation. Instead, diversity is, in action, the sometimes painful awareness that other people, other races, other voices, other habits of mind, have as much integrity of being, as much claim on the world as you do. And I urge you, amid all the differences present to t...

April 12, 2019

It came as a shock because, honestly, some part of me expected her to live forever. Of all the human mortals I've met, who but Barbara Marx Hubbard might? Though twenty three years my senior, I constantly envied her physical and mental vitality. It wasn't that she never tired, became depresse...