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What Is New Thought?

A Family of Denominations Practicing Unique Expressions

of Our Shared Beliefs & Principles

How Our Story Evolved

For more than one hundred years the various strands of New Thought have traveled parallel paths. Today the distance among the visions and values of our organizations is negligible. Recent events, such as a shared participation in the Parliament of the World’s Religions, have increased our visibility on the International stage as a Spiritual Movement.


Guided by AGNT's early and ongoing efforts we are now able to initiate new collaborative models that have not

been possible in the past.  The New Thought Movement recognizes this transitional moment as historic

and necessary to the generation of a living legacy of Spiritual Awakening and compassionate activism.

Staring in 2002, from language and statements that emerged in gatherings of organizational leaders and advisers

from all denominations of New Thought, AGNT has produced and published evolving compilations

of our collective missions, visions, principles and purposes.

Starting with the most recent pieces, what you will find below are examples of publications we have featured at shared exhibits and community spaces at 6 previous Parliaments of the World's Religions, and other international meetings and events where prominent multi-religious and and cultural leaders have joined AGNT... such as the four

Synthesis Dialogues with HH the Dalai Lama of Tibet, and to celebrate the

Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence at the United Nations.

New Thought Compilations

Feel free to use any of these resources. Please add your version of the following attributions:

Compiled & written by / Courtesy of: The Association for Global New Thought

Postcard NT PWR.png

Parliament of Religions Postcard

Text Image Unified.png

Text Unified Language Postcard Back

Unified Poster Image.png

Unified Statement Poster

Postcard Back.png

Back – Parliament of Religions Postcard

Bklt Cover Image.png

16 Page Booklet / Vision, Mission, Values – 2012

Old Un Postcard Image.png

Unified Statement Postcard - 2010

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