For almost a quarter century, AGNT has been busy creating groundbreaking events in the realms of spirituality and global engagement. We also offer many free original programs

and resources to our members and friends, forming lasting partnerships

with "omni-local" and international organizations.

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SNV 2022 – BEGINS!

January 30th, 2022 marks the 

memorial anniversary of

Mahatma Gandhi. 


April 4th is the 

memorial anniversary of 

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Association for Global New Thought has guided the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence for the past 24 years through a worldwide network of more than 500 Unity and Religious Science centers, along with a diverse network of interfaith, intercultural, and educational communities. 

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Real About Racism

Education, Direction & Dialogue for New Thought

When it comes to racism, we're a society adrift on shifting tides without a conscious plan.


Maybe that's not entirely a bad thing! Systemic change is not truly 

sustainable unless it comes bubbling up from the wellspring of individual citizens who have caught the vision and won't let it go. A "new normal" for racial justice is co-created by us!


Let's sieze this moment to tip the scales. We can become a community that shifts the conversation from compliance to accountability.


Genuine sharing among equals in a spirit of appreciative inquiry will be a critical social experiment, long overdue.

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6 Minute Visual History of AGNT 20+ Years

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The Season for Nonviolence is evolving!

See AGNT's new curriculum for 2022


Social Uplift Ministries

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NEW IN 2020: To listen to an inspiring archive of peace leaders and visionaries, go to:http://www.thevoicesofpeace.com. Thanks to Project Director, Craig Hamilton and the Enlightened Heart Spiritual Center.

Season for Nonviolence

Recently celebrating its 20th anniversary year, the Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence is

a 64 Day grassroots campaign

honoring through action the legacies

of Mahatma Gandhi &

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr

Season for

the Earth

Season for the Earth is devoted to focusing our consciousness-in-action so we are better able to heal, nurture and preserve the environment.

Season for

Humane Service

All about compassionate service and social uplift. Your participation in these programs goes far in contributing to "A World of Good".

Season for Interfaith


Join hundreds of task forces around the world in prayer gatherings and workshops focusing on interfaith communication and multicultural harmony.