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Mary Omwake - A Life of Love and Devotion

AGNT Leadership Council

Many knew and loved her in a wide variety of places and contexts. Those who did can tell stories abut Mary from the point of view of a congregant, a family member, a co-worker or colleague, dear friend, or even a stranger who felt her light during a moment of interaction with this truly loving and compassionate human being.

The AGNT Leadership Council was a family with whom she served, worked and played from 1997-2015. We had some great adventures together and Mary always jumped in with both feet, her whole being, and plenty of joy. Mary loved His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet (HHDL), one of several spiritual guides she respected and admired. Here she is pictured with HHDL at one of AGNT's three Synthesis Dialogues abroad.

She was Senior Minister at Unity of Lynnwood and at Unity Church of Maui. From 1989-1999, Mary served the 1500 member congregation of the Unity Church of Overland Park, Kansas. Under her guidance, Unity Church of Overland Park energized AGNT's Season for Nonviolence campaign each year, and offered community outreach to 2500 children, inner-city adolescent girls and gang members, and over 2500 adults in nursing homes and abuse shelters.


Mary Omwake with Lynne Twist, Joan Borysenko and Mary Manin Morrissey


Mary smiling at His Holiness the Dalai Lama at the second Synthesis Dialogues in Trent, Italy.

A sweet soul like Mary O. is never lost but lives on in our memories and pays us a visit in the thoughts that make us laugh, contemplate, and honor her devoted journey and sincere commitment to a well lived spiritual adventure.

Please see below what some of her AGNT Leadership Council Family members have to say:

Rev. Michael Beckwith

Mary Omwake carries and carried the vibration of The Christ which was palpable. Her intense life journey forged a nonjudgmental consciousness that radiated love. Simply she was a servant of God and did not waste her human incarnation.

Rev. Howard Caesar

Mary was someone who was always a joy to be around. She was fun loving and had an aliveness that drew people to her. I have met numerous people around the Overland Park area where she had a very successful ministry who spoke so lovingly of her and the impact she had on their lives. She had that effect everywhere she went and with all whom she served. Mary was like a spiritual sister, someone who I greatly respected for her authenticity, talents, and devotion to Spirit. I had my heart swell with love upon thinking about how grateful I was to know and serve with her on AGNT. Love you Mary!! Be free!!

Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

Even though I haven't spoken with Mary O in years, I felt a tremendous sadness at the news of her passing.

Mary O was a great LIGHT, a profound teacher, extraordinary Minister, terrific Leader, Loving Mom, and a great Friend to do so many. I remember her amazing contributions in the formation of and early years of the formation of AGNT.

At hearing this news of her passing , the Love I feel for Mary rose up in me as a tidal wave. I am grateful for her impact in my life and all of you as well.

Dr. Roger Teel

Dear Mary O. is such a precious soul. She was so joyous and so in love with God. Her transformational journey that led to ministry was so inspiring and moving to me. And we had so much fun on our many trips and at conferences. When we did a rally at her Overland Park ministry, she introduced me to the congregation as Howard Caesar--actually something of an honor for me--but she was regularly confusing our names. So I got up then and said "Thank you, June!" Everyone laughed hysterically. Evidently many congregants started calling her June on occasion and she loved it. She would remind me of it often. So fun loving! She surely savored life with such an opened heart! God bless her!!

Dr. Kathy Hearn

I am remembering Mary's warm heart and loving ways of connecting - her high compelling Vision and beautiful deep prayers - her fun, flowing and colorful clothes - and a group of us sitting with her and Ram Dass in Maui. And I am remembering how much I love and miss you!

Dr. Carol Carnes

I knew Mary to be fun loving and deeply intellectual at the same time. We shared many moments of "girl talk"as well as more serious conversations about the human condition. I cherish a memory of being in Venice Italy with her. She noticed a Frete shop. We went in and she bought exquisite bedding and had it shipped home. When we left the shop she started laughing and said Did I just spend 600 dollars on sheets?!! She was a joy to be around. I see her now jumping into the embrace of her pal Ram Dass having more fun. Aloha nui loa, sister.

Rev. Wendy Craig-Purcell

Our beloved Mary . I always found her to be the most deeply loving, tender, sweet and caring person who gave the very vet best hugs. When you were hugged by Mary you knew your embraced by loving kindness itself.

Dr. Kenn Gordon

I really don’t believe I’ve ever met someone who smiled as much as Mary. Not only was it a constant facial expression, it was also her entire way of being. When I think of her, I think what a positive influence she was to everyone and everything she came in contact with. I, for one, miss her already. Bless her journey.

Dr. Christian Sorensen

Mary sure loved Spirit! I’ll aways cherish the the early a.m. walks in the dark predawn down the hill in Dharmsala to meditate with the Tibetan monks. She never wanted to come back. I know she is now Oming with the best of them for as long as she wants.

Rev. Temple Hayes

Mary Omwake- of course, what other names could her incredible Spirit carry. The power of Mary energy and OM- WAKE. Indeed she was awake and played such a vital role in awakening others. A leader and gentle trailblazer, her wisdom left permanent insights for those after her to follow and to master. Thank you Mary for leaving this world a better place. I know you won’t be resting; you will be assisting this ongoing journey we call life.

Rev. Donna Johnson

Someone from her church once told me her messages were always about love and service. I see that in you, as well. Sending much love to you and to Mary in her spiritual ongoing.

Tom Zender

Mary's heartbeat was a drum for AGNT, filled with love and energy …

Rev. Erin McCabe

Mary Omwake has a legendary heart that has included so many in deeply powerful and personal ways. Thank you for the light you have been in my life and the life you have given to the New Thought movement. I know in your freedom form, you will continue Ministry of the heart.

Dr. Barbara Fields

Mary was well known for her blissful and confident style of expression -- a force of pure love blossoming toward you as she approached. She was a "mover," activating groups and individuals to fulfill visions and engage in experiences that would almost certainly enhance their understanding of Spirit and the nature of life. She was also "still." Behind her playful way of dancing with the world, there was a sure and steady quietness in which she communed with her God, blessing all the manifestations of Christ energy that had shown up in and as her life in the form of family, trauma, friends, triumphs and new insights. I was always struck by a vulnerable, almost childlike side of Mary that she allowed me to catch a glimpse of, now and then. I think I loved that part of her the most.



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You have all spoken so wonderfully of my Friend Mary. Mary who changed my life and who when she called me at the hospital with in two days of my surgery for late stage cancer gave me the strength to fight but more so she told me clearly you are healed. I am saddened that i have not spoken to her in 4 years. I was thinking of her it looks on the 3rd year anniversary of her passing. The last time we spoke she told me she always had time for me. How blessed am i . Blessed to have had her as my minister for a number of years in overland park Kansas . Blessed so blessed that…

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