Moving Beyond White Supremacy

Members of this New Thought community have been meeting weekly for the last couple of months, beginning with a Life Visioning process on Moving Beyond White Supremacy. Rev. Bill Marchiony, founder and spiritual director of New Thought Philadelphia, contacted AGNT to say they had drafted and published a statement about their call to a new consciousness. This center might soon join many other congregations around the nation to offer AGNT's original New Thought curriculum – "Spiritual Uplift Ministries" (S.U.M.) on “Healing Racism and Upholding Ethnic Fairness.” (Available to everyone. check it out!) We are pleased to share the fruits of their work wit


The Prayer of the Heart To deliver oneself up, to hand oneself over, entrust oneself completely to the silence of a wide landscape of woods and hills, or sea and desert; to sit still while the sun comes up over the land and fills its silences with light. ...few are willing to belong completely to such silence, to let it soak into their bones, to breathe nothing but silence, to feed on silence, and to turn the very substance of their lifeinto a living and vigilant silence. ~ Thomas Merton (from Thoughts in Solitude) They call it “doomscrolling.” It is a newly coined term from our present time of pandemic and political upheaval. The word describes scrolling through the posts on social

New Thinkers Are Lifelong Students

Taking a half-step aside from the all important issues of our times like COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter, we remember that for almost a quarter century the Association for Global New Thought has been the movement's leading convener of programs, forums, and events exploring not only the once "radical" concept of spiritually guided activism, but global cultural sea change and inter-religious understanding. Guided in our formation by co-founder of AGNT, the late Barbara Marx Hubbard and her 12-sector Wheel of Co-Creation, we dedicated ourselves to a Whole Systems worldview that held Spirit at the deep core of our circle. My own experience as Program Director for the first modern Parliament of t

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New Thought is a spiritually motivated way of life that embraces the ancient wisdom traditions of east and west. We embody the belief that consciousness is elementally creative, reciprocates thought, and allows us to co-create with the Divine to shape the reality of our lives.  AGNT is committed to global healing achieved through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.



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