In my initial post for AGNT, I focused on some of the challenges facing New Thought spiritual communities in a fast-changing world. In this post, I want to focus on what is right about New Thought, and about why it is worth the effort to point out to spiritual leaders that those challenges need to be faced. In writing my regular blog for several years, and my book, I have come to see that I sometimes fall into a classic trap – by wanting so strongly to see New Thought leadership succeed, I had not pointed out a lot about what is going right. So, as a step toward balance, let me begin by blogging about why I love New Thought. New Thought teachings blend ancient spiritual principles with moder

AGNT Letter to POTUS

Dear Mr. President: We write to add our voices to those crying out for the end to the immoral practice of separating children from their families at the U.S. border. On behalf of the more than three million of our religious supporters in the United States and worldwide, we ask, as do our brothers in sisters in all faith traditions, that you use the power of your office to reverse the “zero tolerance” policy instituted by your Attorney General and that you take into account the discretion you and your administration have in protecting the well-being of children. We ask that you end this practice immediately, exercising your legal authority to end the traumatic separation that can have no end


“May you live in interesting times.” ~ Frederic R. Coudert, 1939 We are, indeed, living in interesting times. The pace of change, driven by cultural evolution, is requiring increasingly complex responses to challenges such as climate change, the proliferation of high technology, and social media. The pressure on human beings to adapt to these increasing levels of complexity is immense. A sound foundation in effective and relevant spiritual principles is critical. Even then, the challenge to attain and remain in balance and harmony can be daunting at times. Those who are frustrated by their inability or refusal to adapt to cultural evolution are showing their anger in nationalistic movements

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New Thought is a spiritually motivated way of life that embraces the ancient wisdom traditions of east and west. We embody the belief that consciousness is elementally creative, reciprocates thought, and allows us to co-create with the Divine to shape the reality of our lives.  AGNT is committed to global healing achieved through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.



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