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Third Space

I appreciate the question you raised for us to ponder. I do believe there is a "third space approach" to speaking into these moments that can be more unifying and that calls to the higher angels of our nature. I would suggest that the next time we circle up that we explore how this can look and press into these new paradigms. Meanwhile, "both sides" are a stake when the leader of the free world sympathizes and aligns White Supremacist and hate group leaders and their organizations. While we may be unclear on our "method", we must be crystal clear on our message! Being clear on our message and communicating it with passion can mobilize our movement like never before. It is important for us to ensure that we are reflective and consistent with our values, but we don't have the luxury of being "ivory-tower" theoreticians either. There are serious consequences for our tardiness. Millions died in the transatlantic slave trade and the middle passage. The genocide of millions of Native Americans and their displacement as a nation of people is further evidence. Millions of Jews were murdered in Nazi concentration camps because of dangerous rhetoric and the kind of flirtation that is happening in 2017. Did I mention 400 years of slavery, then Jim Crow (which Unity knows first-hand) and now mass incarceration and a seemingly endless list of unarmed African Americans being killed by bad actors in law enforcement all across our nation? Again, I agree that distinguishing ourselves and our messaging is important and should be done and we may want to get a move on. Charlottesville was an open declaration for a clear reversal of centuries of progress. We may have to get messy to get free and if so, I'm alright with that. Consider the alternative.

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