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Interesting Line to Walk

There is an interesting line to walk as New Thought engages its spiritual identity in social issues. So I put this topic forth in a different light for us to consider. What I am observing is that those that are requesting a stance from AGNT leaders or in some cases, “demanding to know what our stance is, ” on this event or that incident are often coming from a place of emotion just after something has happened. And many of the responses and statements I have seen also have come from a similar place.

Look, these are very difficult times, we are witnessing horrific behavior and outcomes. However, in my humble opinion responding with statements and stances that contain strong rhetoric that is very often just as divisive-- does not contribute to the end goal we are all seeking. It simply widens the gap. The energy we are putting forth in frequency and texture is really no different than that we are admonishing. Statements of standing against this or that, intolerance, etc. At it’s fundamental core--it is the very same behavior we are resisting – the only difference is what each group believes in. Like it or not – the other side is just as convinced they are “right” as we are…. I am not sure this exchange of hostile energy back and forth will ever render the results we are all ultimately seeking. So I ask, what solutions, what language, what statements can we make, what behaviors can we model, what actions can we take that are different than that which we are seeing and resisting, that are in alignment with our beliefs, that will render something different than this vicious cycle of exchanging escalating hostile energy at one another?

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