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In the privacy of your own home or office, you don't necessarily need to be alone.

In this space you will find schedules and links to live "zoom" Salons featuring

a variety of informal programs and discussion groups.

You are invited to browse here often and make note of gatherings you'd like to join.

Think of it as your place to retreat for inspiration, dialogue, companionship and deep practice.

AGNT Members' Leadership Forum

Details & Schedule Here


Non-members may join AGNT HERE


One of the most enticing “BENEFITS” of AGNT membership is  a monthly online LEADERSHIP FORUM, led and facilitated  by AGNT Leaders and their guests from within and beyond New Thought. Here, members will receive mentoring on a wide variety of topics, as you engage personally with AGNT Leaders in live Q&A, interactive dialogue, breakout groups and more.

Divine Feminine Peace Spa

Learn More & See 2018 Schedule

Monthly gatherings with women leaders from New Thought and other spiritual paths who stand for peace at home and in the international community. Here we affirm the divine feminine at work, engaging in synergy with the evolving masculine. New Thought women (and men) can play a major role in connecting networks of women worldwide to provide a unified voice of moral authority for peace and nonviolence. After hearing from a special guest each month we will share stories, pray and meditate together, discuss concerns, find our allies, and bring powerful solidarity for our sisters holding the "high watch" for peace and justice.

This is a live interactive experience. Each month, a new guest will be announced.

New Thought & The News

Prepare with Recorded Tutorials


Dialogue on hot topics in the news as seen through the evolutionary lens of New Thought spiritual principles.

Help us select newsworthy issues that affect you, your community and the world. Maybe we can offer some radically new interpretations of the stories we’re being told by the mainstream media. Together we'll discuss conscious approaches that can help us understand and respond with realism, strength and vision to the challenges we face.

Building Spiritual Community On Purpose

Learn More & See 2018 Schedule

Sessions coached by Mendhi Audlin

Building Community On Purpose, with discipline, on a foundation of communion, creating deep connection, successfully engaging in challenge, and cultivating compassion as a spiritual practice are choices that manifest a joyful community. 

These are LIVE INTERACTIVE sessions in which Q&A and dialogue play a major role.

Ministers, associates, practitioners, teachers and community activators should attend.

Mendhi brings years of experience and a treasure chest of community-building tools. Join us to share insights and resources.

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