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Divine Feminine Peace Spa 2018

AGNT modeled a new way to affirm sacred leadership for peace, engaging the feminine face of New Thought in synergy with the evolving masculine. Aligned with international women peace leaders, New Thought women (and men) can play a major role in connecting networks of women worldwide to provide a unified voice of moral authority for peace and nonviolence.

We are witnessing the face of divine feminine leadership showing up now in our lives. Through what paths and  opportunities are we each being called forward in leadership? How can we demonstrate solidarity, while mutually supporting and nurturing one another in our process?

In 2018, AGNT co-hosted the series of distinguished guests whose work has inspired change and modeled leadership from the standpoint of divine feminine principle. WOMEN & MEN are encouraged to learn the stories of their achievements and challenges.


The Peace Spa is a place of retreat online. Each session featured meditation, music, breakout sessions, and sharing. Beyond the spoken word, we offered sacred practice, chant, mudras, from diverse cultural traditions.


Jan 8 -  Dr. Barbara Fields & Masami Saionji

Feb 5 -  Dr. Barbara Fields & Masami Saionji

Mar 5 -  Dr. Barbara Fields & Mrs. Ela Gandhi

Apr 9 -  Barbara Fields, Dolores Huerta, Jacquie Lenati

May 7-  TBA & Guest

Jun 4 -  NO SALON

Jul 9 -  Dr. Barbara Fields & WPPS

About Our Presenters

  • Mrs. Masami Saionji, World Peace Prayer Society 

  • Mrs. Ela Gandhi, Internationao Center of Nonviolence South Africa

  • Christne Chavez, state legislator, granddaughter of Cesar Chavez

  • Dolores Huerta, Latina activist for human rights

Co-hosting this Salon: Meet Association for Global New Thought Leaders

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