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Dialogue on hot topics in the news as seen through the evolutionary lens of New Thought spiritual principles. Prepare NOW by watching a series of FOUR exclusive tutorials on SEA CHANGE and cultural evolution with AGNT colleague, author and teacher, Jim Kenney. Click button above for tutorials and FREE webinar recordings.

In 2018, AGNT produced a series of monthly live / interactive discussions with Jim and AGNT co-hosts. Viewers helped us select newsworthy issues that affect you, your community and the world. Through these dialogues, we tried to offer some radically new interpretations of the divisive and alarming stories we’re being told by the mainstream media. Together we discussed conscious approaches that can help us understand and respond with realism, strength and vision to the challenges we face.

The “New Thought and the News” Tutorial explores the key issues and developments of our time in the light of two vital emerging realities. First, we’re living in a period of accelerating cultural evolution – the progressive movement of many of our most basic values toward a closer fit with reality…toward peace, justice, and ecological sustainability. And second, we’re witnessing an enormous, but necessarily temporary backlash against that progressive shift. These two dynamics inform almost every major news story. See recordings to out how!


Jan 25 -   Dr. David Alexander & Jim Kenney

Feb 22 -  Rev. Temple Hayes & Jim Kenney

Mar 22 -  Dr. David Alexander & Jim Kenney

Apr 26 -  Rev. Kevin Ross & Jim Kenney

May 24 -  Dr. Kenn Gordon & Jim Kenney

Jun 21 -   No mtg

Jul 26 -    Steve Bhaerman & Jim Kenney

Aug 23 -  No mtg

Sept 20 -  Drs. Deborah Johnson, Michelle Medrano 

& Jim Kenney

About Our Presenters


Author of: Thriving in the Crosscurrent: Clarity and Hope in a Time of Cultural Sea Change

Available in Paperback and on Kindle


  • Founder and Executive Director, Interreligious Engagement Project [IEP21} 

  • Co-founder and Executive Director, Common Ground, an adult educational organization and study center

  • Founding Trustee, International Committee for the Peace Council  and currently Project Coordinator; bringing together some of the world’s most revered and influential religious and spiritual leaders in service to world peace. 

  • Co-Editor, Interreligious Insight: a Journal of Dialogue and Engagement

  • Former Founding Trustee and Global Director, Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions 

Co-hosting this Salon: Meet Association for Global New Thought Leaders

Get the book..  (click)

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