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Building Community On Purpose

Building Community On Purpose, with discipline, on a foundation of communion, creating deep connection, successfully engaging in challenge, and cultivating compassion as a spiritual practice are choices that manifest a joyful community. Here are tools and insights to guide us there.

•  Building Community On Purpose: Why do some spiritual communities thrive while others fizzle out over time? How do you build community “on purpose” so you attract people who are passionate about participating in your culture?


•  The Five Disciplines: What are the elements that create a healthy, balanced spiritual community? Explore the Five Spiritual Disciplines that allow us to live and express LOVE as part of our own spiritual evolution and growth and discover how balanced YOU are in each of these areas.


•  A Foundation of Communion: The first Spiritual Discipline bonds your community in a practice of prayer and/or meditation. Hear inspiring case studies and discover new ways to bring a bold and powerful Communion practice into your community.


•  Creating Deep Connection: The second Spiritual Discipline connects your community through the bond of friendship. Explore ways to establish and strengthen the core relationships that strengthen your entire community.


•  Compassion as a Spiritual Practice: The third Spiritual Discipline stretches your community to be there for each other in times of challenge and hardship. Find out how practicing Compassion as an integral part of your community’s culture can foster long-term loyalty and profound spiritual growth among your members.


•  The Joy of Community: The fourth Spiritual Discipline connects our community with a larger world, opening opportunities to learn, share and grow with people from diverse backgrounds, faith traditions, and life circumstances. Hear from leaders of small groups and spiritual communities about the profound impact of service as a basis for the spiritual growth of a community.


•  Engaging in Challenge: The final Spiritual Discipline challenges us, individually and as a community, to stay on the leading edge of transformation and growth. Discover how weaving the discipline of Challenge into your community ensures ongoing, sustainable growth from the inside out.


Jan 16 -  Mendhi Audlin & AGNT Host

Feb 13 -  Mendhi Audlin & Rev. Temple Hayes

Mar 13 -  Mendhi Audlin & AGNT Host

Apr 17 -  Mendhi Audlin & AGNT Host

May 15 - No Program

Jun 12 -  Mendhi Audlin & AGNT Host

Jul 17 -  Mendhi & AGNT Host





About Our Presenters

Mendhi Audlin

Author of:  “What If It All Goes RIGHT? Creating a New World of Peace, Prosperity & Possibility"

Available in Paperback and on Kindle


Mendhi Audlin is an inspirational speaker, author and consultant in the area of personal development and spiritual leadership. She is the creator of the SpiritGroups small group ministry program, providing leadership training for mission-driven individuals and organizations through the use of her Five Spiritual Disciplines for personal and organizational growth and her S.T.E.P. Model for membership engagement.

Mendhi has spoken to audiences around the world about the power of positive thinking and the benefits of small group support systems. She is the founder of The What If Up Club, providing inspiration and support for "Possibiity People" around the world.


Mendhi is a pioneer for personal and spiritual growth and development.  In 2004, she launched Unity Online Radio, (formerly Unity.FM) where she hosted their first weekly broadcast, The Leading Edge. As the Network Producer, she grew the network to more than 20 programs, 100,000 listeners, reaching people in more than 60 countries.

Co-hosting this Salon: Meet Association for Global New Thought Leaders

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