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~ One page graphic featuring the characteristics of OVERT and COVERT racism.

~ Email text templates with specific requests for your CITY OFFICIALS. For leaders and individuals.

~ History of actions that gave rise to SYSTEMIC RACISM in America by Deborah Johnson.

~ Attitudinal Behaviors that perpetuate racism by Deborah Johnson.

~ 75 CONCRETE ACTIONS white allies can take for significant change.

~ "Anti-Racism for Beginners + White People"  A Comprehensive Guide.

~ Some MOVIES and BOOKS to educate, inform and enlighten on Black history.

~ Books & Podcasts with synopses: The Unity Center's Braver Conversations Team.

Black leaders have been integral to the growth and development of the New Thought spiritual movement. Although the early organizations—Unity and Religious Science—were founded by white leaders, newer incarnations are largely the work of African-American ministers.

Unity World Headquarters offers this enriching FREE booklet in which they've assembled some gems of this work. Some are historical and others are from today’s thinkers and teachers. Many have overcome prejudice and setbacks to carry on their spiritual work. All have inspired the practical use of spiritual principles to bring about healings, financial restoration, deeper love, and better living for so many. 

CLICK for more on BLM from UNITY

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Black History, Society & the Arts

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