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My Personal Commitment
Season for Nonviolence 2024

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Tell Us You're In!

1. Commit to an independent personal practice or

form a circle for mutual support.

2. Volunteer to be an SNV 64 Days Zoom Facilitator

Using the form below, let us know if you're able to convene

a weekly/twice monthly/monthly zoom meeting for

others who ask to be part of a dialogue group.

We will coordinate with you on logistics, and supply

suggested questions and exercises for leading your group.

** NOTE: If we get more facilitators than needed,

you'll have an opportunity to join another group.

3. Sign Up for an SNV 64 Days Zoom Circle

If you'd like to do a practice with the support of an online group fill out the form below and we'll try our best to place you into a facilitated zoom circle that fits your needs.

Check In Below
I Will Participate in 64 Ways & Days
Organization (if applies)
Personal or Group Practice
Frequency of Meetings
Time Zone
Practice I Could Facilitate


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