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Inspiration Incites Motivation, Action and Demonstration

Rev. Jay Willick answer our question:

What is the blessing that most inspires your gratitude this year and in what does it teach you about your ability to co-create a more awakened society?

So many blessings this year, however the one that continuously feeds my soul and, at the same time, teaches me are those times when the message I have prepared lands so bulls-eyed in the heart and soul of a member of the community I am speaking at, that they take the time to come up to me and tell me how I made a difference for them that day, that I was speaking directly to them and it was exactly what they needed to hear that morning. I am the roving New Thought Guy minister in the Los Angeles area and speak at Science of Mind and Unity centers and other metaphysical organizations, so it is not just one beloved community of which I am speaking. This message the New Thought community is blessing the world with works. And I am grateful and feel blessed in my co-creation of a more awakened society, knowing that whether I am speaking to 20, 200 or 2000 people; lives are being inspired and motivated to transform, transcend, take action in mind, heart, body and spirit and demonstrate their greatest good. Yeah, it's great to make people laugh and entertain them with the New Thought philosophy, however when they are inspired to make a difference in their and other's lives, that blessing of joy hits me squarely in the heart. And when I am in joy, I know that I am actively, intentionally and consciously in Love. Am I blessed with talents and the ability to speak Truth? Sure, but so are a lot of people - so many of which I watch, listen and are inspired by. I am speaking of the blessing of living this New Thought philosophy which always surprises me, nudges me, inspires me, transcends me and teaches me to BE the Luminescence. As a minister, everything else, to paraphrase the Talmud and Rabbi Hillel, though wonderful and not to be missed, is commentary. Kowing the greatest greatness for you and yours!

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