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, PDF format. In [@Amini-2007], a multi-scale simulator to perform both structural and non-structural analysis is presented. The simulator focuses on linear frames as well as in-plane and out-of-plane flexural loads. The whole system is divided into three levels: the first level focuses on the load application (for linear frames), the second level focuses on the main components of the structure (such as joints, cross-sections, etc.), and the third level focuses on single components (such as frames). The simulator is implemented on the Gmsh finite element software, and can be configured to deliver the corresponding results for both the normal and tangential force distributions. However, the SIM software solution is not really tailored for analysis in the 3D environment. In [@Leamy-2009], the design of three-story buildings is simulated in 3D using the SIM software. The building, which consists of a frame and a concrete slab, is meshed using the shape and standard material properties of standard building elements. A set of geometric and material constraints is applied to the structure to obtain the deformed configuration. A specialized finite element formulation based on standard elements is used to account for the elastic behavior of concrete. Finally, the final displacement field is applied to the geometrical model to calculate the deformed configuration. In [@Shereroodi-2010], a 3D simulation of the American House is performed using the SIM software. The simulation of a structure with a circular cross-section presents several challenges, such as the calculation of lateral shear and joint friction, which are often neglected in the standard Kirchhoff post-processing. The solution presented is based on the use of a refined 2D mesh. The mesh is refined to generate the discrete contact between beams and columns and also between columns and flat floors. After the building is meshed, a standard three-dimensional post-processing is applied to the model to calculate the forces and moments. Afterward, the forces and moments on each node are transformed into a 3D space, where the deformed configuration is calculated. This 2D post-processing is also a challenge, since it requires the identification of points on the columns, the application of shear forces, and the determination of the amount of friction that should be added to the calculated forces. Finally, the deformed configuration is returned to the 3D space and the top surface is “stitched” to the structure to generate the




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