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How to Write a Dissertation Abstract: An Example and a Sample

A dissertation is a massive study spanning hundreds of pages. Despite the fact that it is sent to the Discouncil in advance, and a few months before the defense becomes a public work, available for study for everyone, only a few completely view the project: the supervisor or consultant, opponents and reviewers.

Members of the dissertation council do not always have free time to devote it to the total study of a candidate's or doctoral dissertation. On average, it will take several days to get acquainted with this work (if you devote up to 3 hours a day to reading), to identify all the nuances - about 2-4 weeks, etc.

In order for the examiners and the target audience to understand the essence of the scientific work without problems and extra effort, the author must attach an annotation to it.

The difference between an abstract

Often the annotation is confused with the abstract. It is important to initially note the difference between these documents. The abstract is a brief retelling of the entire study. It is issued as a separate document. Its volume on average reaches 1-2 pages of printed text.

What do you need to provide for a dissertation defense?

The abstract is a simplified version of the abstract, where the key aspects of the scientific work are even more briefly noted. This is a kind of press release of the dissertation, where only the main elements are emphasized: goal, objectives, subject, object, methodology. Thus, in the annotation, the author emphasizes what and how the author explores. Here information is taken mainly from the introduction. When forming an abstract, it is advisable to focus on the results obtained.

It is important to carefully check the abstract text for errors, typos, formatting requirements. If you cannot complete the annotation yourself, then it is best to entrust this matter to qualified experts. Despite the colossal differences between these documents, they perform a similar role: they simplify acquaintance with the key aspects of scientific work, create a first impression about the author, his research, the significance of the results, etc.

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