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Feb 22

Group Leaders: Please Post Your Feedback on SESSION ONE ~ Gun Responsibility


Edited: Feb 23

Let's discuss some insights from the the first session of S.U.M. Your comments on all or any of the 3 questions below will be appreciated!

1. What was your group's overall response to bringing Social Uplift Ministry to your church, center or group?


2. Share comments and questions arising from your group's discussion of the Fact Sheet on Gun Responsibility.


3. What inspiring and/or unique insights came forth as you group explored the spiritual condition, belief, truth and prayer about this issue?


Healing Violence - Gun Control Feedback


Couldn’t find the Facebook Page to connect

Videos are not very good sound quality.



CSL Seattle with Rev. Abigail Schairer created this curriculum: --this was done on Zoom over 2 classes, each class was 2 ½ hours each--several people from outside the Center that held it were there:


Class 1 --Beliefs underneath the condition

Examine underlying beliefs and what is underneath those beliefs about the issues (in this case gun violence).

Imagine what the world would be like with freedom from gun violence

Have a conversation about that and be at that feeling tone


Class 2--condition, principle spiritual action prior to physical action align with underlying truth


Brainstorming spiritual tools:

What spiritual tool do you use when healing the pain of violence in your own personal life?

What are you willing to commit to heal yourself around this issue?


Brainstorming social action:

What tangible social actions could you take to take to heal violence in society?

What personal action are you willing to take and commit to?

(For Centers whose bylaws prevent talking about legislation, this is a way to get to their own authentic action--nothing prevents any of us from sharing the SUM legislative actions as a possibility for the action people are willing to take--SOME centers (probably not most) are prohibited from recommending a particular legislative position. Most are not. IRS non profit laws do not prevent such positions.)


Group Comes up with a Collective Spiritual Action and commitment together.

Group Comes up with a Collective Social Action and commitment together


Schedule follow up connection with the group

Hi Abigail: Where can I find a copy of the curriculum you mention in your post?


The FB page is a group of globalnewthought page. I had sent out two previous announcements with the links to you and all others who signed up for S.U.M. , but you might have missed them.


We are also a bit disappointed with the audio quality of the videos. It was a project we undertook when the Leadership Council was together in Sacramento but the facilities offered to us were not adequately prepared and it wasn't possible to change at that time. We're hoping to do this again at Unity World Headquarters where they have a high quality multimedia studio.


Thanks for the feedback! And for your work on this...


New Posts
  • We did our Module 1 on Saturday afternoons for two Saturdays.  We felt like in two sessions we completed the process of discussion, reflection and discussion for integration and action. Our biggest take away was the realization that there are so many layers to each of these issues to unpeel and that there is not an easy answer. Not a set right way or wrong way.  However, we came to consensus that it was the consciousness of our American gun culture that needed to be changed and our language needed to be about ‘safety’ not gun rights or gun reform.   Our action item was this:  We will use our social media platforms to talk about ‘safety’. We feel that if we can begin to re-language this, all sides can speak to and open up ways to come into agreement about how we remain safe.  It is a non-threating language – again it changes the perceived ‘divide’.   Everything takes a while to shift in consciousness.  This was our shift.  It will take years to change the gun culture that is so ingrained in the American story. We will be holding our first Module 2 on Sunday May 26th after service.  We will decided if we need one or two discussions.  I do not think we need three on each topic. On another note: David Goldberg came and spoke on a Sunday and then did a two hour workshop with those in our community and many from other centers on the SUM program.  It was engaging and opened up the awareness to the importance of this dialog.   I, and my congregation, are so glad to have this platform to jump into these sticky issues.  Thank all of you at AGNT for all the work in putting these together.  It is invaluable.

New Thought is a spiritually motivated way of life that embraces the ancient wisdom traditions of east and west. We embody the belief that consciousness is elementally creative, reciprocates thought, and allows us to co-create with the Divine to shape the reality of our lives.  AGNT is committed to global healing achieved through personal transformation, community-building, interfaith, intercultural, and interdisciplinary understanding, and compassionate activism.



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